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September 4th, 2014 10:07 PM
There is no doubt that there are well intentioned members of the Congregation of Powerhouse Church of St. Luke Church of Christ located at 1812 Paulding Avenue, Bronx, New York.

I have personally witnessed members of the Church hand out school bags and supplied to members of the Morris Park Community.  Clearly, there should be no Church that interferes with the QUALITY OF LIFE of the Congregation it serves, and more importantly to those of the community the Church is located.

It is with great dismay that I feel compelled to have to post this on my blog.  However, as a Tax Payer, A property owner, an Investor as well as a Private Protector of this Community as a Retired Law Enforcement Officer it seems I have very little choice but to expose the apparent wrong doings of those who are believed to preach righteousness.

On September 4, at approximately 9:00 pm to approximately 9:50 pm there were 4 double parked vehicles parked in front of and Proximate to 1812 Paulding Avenue, the location of this Church.  The following are the License Plate numbers:

EWY 8160-NY
ETJ 8016- NY
601587 (NYS Handicap Plate)

Each and everyone of these Parking Violations violators possessed a "CLERGY" Parking Plaque on their dash board apparently making these so called Clergy Members if indeed Clergy or perhaps abusers of the good nature of the Pastor and in possession of bogus plaques.  That should be a decision for the members of the 49th Pct to determine or for Traffic Bureau of NYPD Agents to make.

Be the "Plaques" real or fake, in my opinion, here is the real problem from the point of view of Health and Safety.

First, the handicap plate has no right whatsoever to block the driveway which it was observed to block on 9/4, even as partial as it was.  The driveway that was blocked belongs to an elderly woman and no pun intended, GOD forbid she should have an emergency;

Secondly, in the event of a fire or any other emergency, those vehicles are traffic obstruction, impeding traffic flow, blocking vehicles owned by community members, and absolutely no one has any right to violate the property rights of anyone else.  Preventing anyone from having free movement of their vehicle by blocking them in via a double parked vehicle under the subterfuge that they are a member of the CLERGY is a SIN.

I will attempt tomorrow to speak with the Pastor of this Church in the morning to bring to his attention what members of his Congregation are doing.  Based upon my conversations with other members of the community, it appears that this is the third consecutive night this has been occurring.

I find it ironic that members and non members who live or come to Morris Park that commit the same traffic infraction during the day time practically receive an instant summons.  But yet, in the evening it seems that NYPD together with its Officers and Traffic Agents allow the Quality of Life of those who reside on the 1800 Block of Paulding Avenue to deteriorate.

How does this impact on property values?  Ask yourself, do you want to live on a block where in a real emergency a Fire Truck, EMS, or NYPD ESU response time is delayed by double parked cars OBSTRUCTING TRAFFIC FLOW.

Rich Greco

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